Delasol: The Next Real Estate Marvel in Vietnam

Delasol, an impressive project in the real estate realm, offers breathtaking and luxurious living experiences to its residents. Developed by CapitaLand, the renowned global real estate player, Delasol is their 12th project in Vietnam. This ambitious venture promises promising profits to its initial investors.

CapitaLand: The Driving Force Behind Delasol

CapitaLand is a global real estate giant, with a strong experience in the field. With 40% of its capital sourced from the Singapore government, the company exudes credibility and reliability. Delasol is their latest venture in Vietnam, built entirely with CapitaLand’s capital.

Delasol: A Prime Location at Capitaland

Perfectly situated in District 4, Delasol boasts a prime location, enjoying easy access to major transportation hubs, local amenities, and facilities. This strategic position ensures the project enjoys a high growth potential, capturing investors’ interest aesthetically and financially.

Profitable Investment Opportunities at Delasol

For investors, Delasol presents an attractive opportunity for profitable ventures. Early investors get to purchase units at pleasing prices and enjoy special discount policies by Capitaland. The potential price increase due to the project’s strategic location makes it an even more worthy investment.

High-end Amenities Abound at Delasol

One of the key features that set Delasol apart is the emphasis on creating smart, convenient apartments for homeowners. From basic to high-end facilities, residents can enjoy a myriad of essential conveniences, making their living experience enjoyable and carefree.

A Hotspot of Vibrant Energy: Delasol

Designed specifically for the young, affluent demographic, Delasol is a luxurious project that offers high-quality apartments up to international standards. Drawing inspiration from music, the apartments at Delasol encapsulate all the emotions and vibes essential for a vibrant, energetic living experience. Additionally, there are over 50 meticulously crafted facilities available for residents.

Project Location: The Heart of Ho Chi Minh City

Delasol holds a strategic location, serving as an intersection point between districts 1 and 7. Located at 1 Ton That Thuyet Street, Ward 15, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City, it is seen as a strategic location, possessing seamless infrastructure with international standard utilities, from schools, hospitals, amusement parks, to shopping and culinary entertainment zones within a radius of 2km.

Apartment Facilities: The Hidden Secret of Success

The emphasis laid on designing a comprehensive internal utility system by CapitaLand ensures residents leading a posh lifestyle with more than 50 luxurious amenities including –

  • An energy revitalizing swimming pool
  • A separate pool for kids
  • 4-layer security system covering security guardhouse, elevator lobby, CCTV surveillance in lifts and main doors
  • Entertainment and relaxation zones: green parks and facilities around the area
  • High-end restaurants, spas, kindergartens ABI, etc.

Varied Apartment Layouts: Catering to Diverse Needs

Delasol offers apartments designed with diverse floor areas, catering to different needs of each customer. Unique to this project are the Studio apartments introducing features such as 3-bedroom apartments with 3 separate keys, 2-bedroom apartments with 2 separate keys, and more.

The Team Behind Delasol

Delasol is a passionate project meticulously planned by the CapitaLand team. Every detail of Delasol is scrutinized and fine-tuned by their committed team. Other key contributors include Joey Yap Consulting Group for Feng Shui consultancy, RSP Architects Planners & Engineers for architectural design, and an exceptional Creative Director for landscape design.

In conclusion

Delasol is not just a place to live; it’s an experience to relish—a real estate wonder in the vibrant hub of Ho Chi Minh City, offering lucrative investment opportunities and a luxurious living experience. The modern infrastructure, strategic location, and credibility of CapitaLand make it a worthwhile investment destination for those seeking profitable ventures. Also, with various customer testimonials endorsing CapitalLand’s commitment to quality and user satisfaction, Delasol emerges as a perfect choice for your next real estate investment in Vietnam.

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